Slave's Corner


I had the best foot worship session with Mistress Heather Hellfire. She tailored the session to foot worship and I got what I wished for and more. She is an excellent Mistress if you are a beginner or not in to too much pain. She will take you in slowly, and you will be enchanted with her beauty and seductive ways.

I got Mistress Heather HeLLFire black Cuban heel seamed stockings. She has gorgeous long legs, and the stockings looked fantastic on her legs. She asked me to kneel and put them on her feet. While I was putting the stockings on her feet, I looked up at her eyes, a forbidden act. She did not hesitate to punish me with a strike in the balls from her divine feet. I was not allowed to look at her face even. This restriction was part of the mental control she commands during a session. Once I finished, she ordered me to massage her feet. I had the best view; I was able to admire the Cuban heels shape on her feet. It made her feet look so sexy! After she was relaxed, she asked for her sexy high heels. I kissed her shoes from the heel to the pointy tips until she was satisfied. She kicked my balls a few times just to make sure I do a good job. Then she asked me to give her legs and feet another massage. I could not sweating, while she was completely relaxed. She allowed me to kiss her feet from her toes to the heels and rub them at the same time…heaven!

Mr. Blackshoe

For my first visit to a Pro Domme, I was lucky enough to come across Goddess Heather Hellfire. Not only was she discrete and attentive, she stroked the perfect balance between cruelty and care. If devilish and divine is your thing, go see this Mistress. As a bonus, she is GORGEOUS. If you don't get lost in those big dark eyes and Penthouse body, you need help. I loved our session. I have to admit there was a little awkwardness on my part, but it was a pretty surreal situation for me.

My favorite thing was her attentiveness, I felt like she was really trying to read my body language and listen to everything I said. It was not a judgmental environment which was great for my first time. Physically, she is a knock out and totally my type. I loved the flirting, dancing, and playfulness. Glancing at her eyes had me weak in the knees. Better yet, we share the same taste in music!

I have a foot fetish, and she tried on her whole collection. In terms of pushing the limits, she treads a thing line with those agile toes by crushing and reverse heel kicking my balls. I enjoyed her kind side too. I was lucky that she shared things about herself. I didn't feel like I was being assaulted by an object, rather a person.


Swollen Balls

I had never experienced domination, role play, or bdsm before but it has always been my darkest desires. After finding Goddess Hellfire`s website and a few email exchanges, a session was booked. When I arrived for the session I was greeted by this absolutely gorgeous Goddess. The session started off as we spoke about in the email which was amazing and exactly how I had imagined it. After that Goddess Hellfire introduced me to a lot more aspects of bdsm and domination. It was my first time and she definitely took that in to consideration. Things I never thought I would enjoy turned to new fantasies thanks to her introduction. If I had to rate Goddess Hellfire, I wouldn't. She is worth more than some number. The session was everything I dreamed of and more. It was a great introduction into the world or bdsm and domination and I would book another session in a heart beat.

Patient Pat


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