Slave's Corner


July 11 2012

Dear Miss Hellfire,

I would like to thank You for the wonderful session that I had with You. You were born a Goddess and You deserve to be served by little piggies. I have served a lot of Mistresses before but Miss Hellfire You are very special. Your photos on Your website show Your beauty but in reality You are a true beautiful Goddess. You made me lick Your toilet, drink from inside the bowl and eat Your boyfriend cum, with a simple smile. You don’t have to give orders, Your piggies will obey You just for a smile. Miss Hellfire, I cleaned Your shoes with my tongue but I was very happy to clean Your sandals and taste the sweat of Your divine Feet. As for Your Feet, omg, the most beautiful and soft Feet I have ever worshipped. I beg You Miss Hellfire, let me serve Your Feet again. If You want me to serve You in front of Your girlfriends I will do it and take photos of me serving You.


Sven J


July 03 2012

Hello Mistress Hellfire, As promised, here are some highlights of our session! Actually, the pre session instructions is where it started.... although, I usually try to refrain from release before a session, getting such instructions made it much easier and was highly erotic:)

I also have to comment how you we're impeccably dressed, the seemed pantyhose and especially the shoes (I'm a sucker for classy pumps) I want to thank you for not completely listening to me about not tying my hands.... I liked the fact that you did what you needed to do and still made me feel safe and in good hands:) The way you made me lick my pre-cum off your finger was highly erotic as well:) Making me go back in count from 41 to 31, so matter-of-factly, added a nice sadistic touch, and of course the smiles and evil grins made it worthwhile:)

Your feet in my mouth was delicious, what made it even better was the way you forced it in with the command "open your shy mouth" Receiving your spit/water from your mouth was also highly erotic and personable.... (at a previous session I closed my mouth due to germ worry, but felt safe with you and couldn't resist:) I loved the way you turned to strap my front side with the comment that you don't discriminate! i like the unconventional... So yes, i did appreciate the extra time you put in and i am looking forward to the journey for you to take me to new heights and explore everything you have in store:)

PS if your still wondering how it compares to previous sessions, here are some highlights of the not so well remembered ones: 2 hour session turned off by bad breath Face-sitting turned off by bad smell Just beating me silly, left feeling abused While receiving a full force caning, hit my balls full force by mistake (worst one, felt sick for a day...) i can go on and on with all the inexperienced and wanna be's.....or the ones i ended right after starting.... but you probably get the point. That is not to say that i didn't have some very good sessions in the past as well, but the combination that you delivered puts you on top!


I just wanted to say thank you! again after I had the time to reflect on our session (and without you thinking that im trying to be polite:) and all I can really say is WOW!! I can easily say it was my best session in 10 years!! You delivered better then I could've imagined myself, and although my behind still hurts:) I am finding myself looking forward to another experience.


All the best and hope i didn't bore you with too much details,



June 24 2012

Hello Goddess Hellfire,

Hope this email finds you well!

How do I put words to (virtual) paper that truly reflect how I feel about our first session a few short weeks ago? No matter how hard I try, or what I write, nothing seems to do justice to the way I feel.

You have introduced me to a way of life that I never thought possible, and now don't think I can go on without.

I hope that the few paragraphs below please you in some way, and convey some of the great feelings I have for Goddess. If they do not, I will re-write them to your liking.

Thank you Goddess.


"I am addiction" - Goddess Hellfire places the subtle warning on the Kneel page of Her website. My recommendation, heed the warning. Because once you are drawn into Her captivating world, there is no going back unless She releases you herself. She will take control and occupy every corner of your mind, just as She has done to me, so much so that all I think about is Goddess Hellfire, and all I hope for is a chance to serve Her again.

Goddess Hellfire has a way with Her servants that I simply have not experienced in the past. She has an almost psychic, out of this world ability to say the exact thing the servant needed to hear, to apply the perfect amount of pain or pleasure the servant deserved to feel, all while keeping the servant comfortable and safe under Her control. She is immensely skilled, intuitive, and at times you can't help but wonder if She already has taken residence in your head. She is also breathtaking, emitting an air of sexual elegance that will grab your attention and not let you go for a minute.

Our first meeting occurred at an adult sex shop, where I was given instructions to go in first and browse and inspect various toys until she arrived. When She did arrive, she wasted no time in humiliating me and beginning my transformation from pathetic male to a sissy slut (later to be named Melinda). Once my tasks were completed at the adult sex shop, we made our way to Her dungeon where my training, punishment, feminization and submission continued for the remainder of the session.

In summation, Goddess Hellfire is skilled beyond all belief. She defines sexiness, and can read your mind inside-out before you have had a chance to even formulate a thought. She is phenomenal in every aspect, and my only regret is not being able to see her more often.

Thank you Goddess Hellfire for taking me on this incredible journey, and I look forward to serving you in the future.

- Melinda



June 7 2012

Hi my mistress ! I'll try to write this right away while it's still fresh, and I'll do my best for the English.

Today was my first session with Goddess Hellfire. I had just a little experience before, but nothing like this ! I am by nature a very shy person and not much of a talker, which makes me hard to read. Mistress was very attentive and look so comfortable with all this, that I felt better as soon as I got in. I had everything I asked for. I crave humiliation and got served. As soon as I had my collar on, we went to a public parc surrounded by trees. She leashed me in the middle of the parking and took me to a more private spot. She then made me strip and put me a diaper, ankle and wrist restraints and a little baby costume. Then the fun began. We played fetch with a ball made of socks and a wooden stick, she made me worship her fabulous feet, even got them dirty to feed me dirt from them so I can clean them. We took a walk around the park like a retarded puppy because of my tied arms, where lots of people could see me. She feed me a bowl of fruits and grass and also spit a few times in my mouth and face.
We then headed back to her dungeon, once again walking leashed in front of a few person that obviously noticed.
At her apartment, it was a privilege to drink her golden nectar, worship her feet, clean her shoes (including eating all the dirt under them) and serve her as an ashtray. She trampled me and sat on my face with her perfect breathtaking ass. I had such a perfect time. I also had to clean her toilet with a mouth gag made with a toilet brush, it was so humiliating. I then had to drink directly from the toilet like a dog to make sure I cleaned it correctly. Mistress HellFire allowed me to take a quick shower before I leave, but I had to leave with the diaper still on to had to the humiliation.

I was truly ano honor to serve you Mistress. I know I was shy and very nervous about it, I really hope you like it enough to take me again as your humiliation whore, I truly hope it was just a beginning. My only regret was it was so hot and humid outside I was sweating a lot, thats the only part that made me uncomfortable, but its the weathers fault. I was just afraid to look not clean. I truly want to see you again mistress, you were so good looking I was amazed by you. Hope you didnt get bored cause I was shy and nervous, you are an angel.

your puppy eric


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