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Nov 5, 2012

I had the privilege of meeting  with Goddess Hellfire on Nov 02   
Prior to our meeting we discussed about my limits and what I had in mind for a session.  She responded that She had no problem with any of my wishes and even started with a simple yet cruel demand:  "You shall not release under any circumstance before our session takes place." I still had a little more than 48 hours to wait and this just made it even worse because now i could only think about HER.
Finally The day came where I finally met Her!  She is Nothing short of a Mind Blowing Beauty!  The pictures on Her website do not do justice to the Real Beauty that She is!  We had a brief discussion about the session and what i was wishing for, i also mentioned that i like to be scared. 
We then proceeded with Role Play.  She immediately went into character and took charge.  She was not the same person anymore!  Her abilities in rope bondage are Amazing!  I found myself completely bound and helpless on the ground.  She then changed into clothing that more fully revealed her KILLER LEGS!  Believe me,  i am not lying when i say killer legs, although they are smooth as silk, they are Hard as steel.  She almost made me pass out with those legs wrapped around my neck. It was very easy to see that if She wanted, She could of snapped my neck easily which She reminded me of on a few occasions.
Her legs and feet are Heavenly and it was an absolute delight worshipping them. 
That being said, it is only a glimpse of my session with Goddess Hellfire.  We had a wonderfull 3 hour session and there was never a dull moment.  She is very attentive to every detail you will give Her and knows how to push your limits!  One word of advice, be carefull for what you wish for, it might just happen! :)
The little guy,

Oct 23, 2012

Goddess Hellfire graciously allowed me the honour of serving and suffering for Her pleasure this past Friday. It was O/our third session together, and cliches be damned, She just keeps getting better and better !! W/we have a mutual love of corporal punishment, particularly the cane and single-tail whips, so these implements were generously applied once again! As has been the case with me over the years, no reflection whatsoever on Goddess Hellfire, i am able to take different levels of pain from different implements on any given day. This evening She caned my ass to blood (all consensual of course) and i think i did pretty well in pleasing Her, though when suffering for Goddess there is always room for improvement, and the expectation that the intensity will progress with training. As for the single-tail, i didn't do as well on this night, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable, knowing that my physical and mental struggles to endure were pleasing to Her! i can see on Her face, and on this night She even remarked upon, just how much She enjoys hurting me... submissive, masochistic bliss!!

Of course Goddess Hellfire still needs an ashtray, even if Her submissive is restrained over the horse for his caning, so i was made to turn my head sideways and up and extend my tongue to it's max to receive Her ashes. It was made abundantly clear that i didn't even want to know the cruelties i would endure should any of Her ash fall on the floor!!

During O/our last session i failed miserably at reciting Goddess' 10 Commandments, for which i was thoroughly punished with the cane. The fact that they were emailed to me only 30min before the session was of course no excuse ;) On this occasion i was given a chance to redeem myself, and though i did much better, my face was slapped for grammatical/pronunciation errors. She certainly is strict... another of the reasons i adore Goddess Hellfire! As instructed, i arrived at Goddess Hellfire's internally cleansed and with my butt plug in place for 2hrs. During the course of play, i managed to let it slip out. i cringed inside when it happened, sure that i would be slapped or beaten for my transgression, but instead She just smiled, casually commented on how small my plug was,
and promptly re-plugged me with a large condom covered inflatable plug of Her own! This was just a little foreshadowing of things to come! She capped off the evening by taking me from behind in the most divine fashion... not gentle, not brutal, just exquisite!! It was the largest dildo i've ever taken, though FAR from Her biggest. i definitely have some "personal growth" to accomplish in order to satisfy Goddess in this regard!

Another fantastic session... Thank-You Goddess Hellfire!



Aug 29 2012

I met Mistress Hellfire this Saturday August 25. The first thing that struck me about Her was that she took immediate control of the session and was an absolute professional. She looks even more beautiful in person, a very sweet but wicked smile, amazing eyes, She had me kneeling within the first 15 minutes by glancing at me wordlessly.

I had the chance to serve her feet which are attached to a beautiful set of very toned and fit legs. She works out on a regular basis and her strength reflects this throughout the session It is very important to set your limits, because she will give you no mercy right up to your limits.

Those who have not met her yet should give Her a try. She is the entire package, stunningly beautiful, fit, amazing smile and always in control.

She is excellent at trampling and the view is unbelievable. She loves to increase the intensity and hear you groan beneath her manicured feet. There is nothing better than having this Mistress land on you with both feet at the same time as she is laughing out loud . I am going to meet her again in September.

If you have just seen her pictures then do not hesitate. She is a mind reader and will plan the session well beyond your imagination starting with the very first email.

Mistress You are the best.

Your Slave



Aug 20 2012

Reflections on my first session with Goddess Hellfire, Aug 17/12:

As is obvious from Her photos, Goddess Hellfire is an intoxicatingly beautiful Woman. Combine that with an aura of confidence and superiority, an inherent strictness and a genuine sadistic streak... my absolute submission was never in question. She inspired a primal desire to do whatever necessary to serve Her, and suffer for Her pleasure. For example, you don't "act" as Goddess Hellfire's ashtray, you "are" Her ashtray!

She had an uncanny ability to make me feel simultaneously at ease and on edge. She practices safe, sane and consensual to an art so that i never felt as though i would be "harmed," yet She had me genuinely in fear once i grasped just how much She enjoys inflicting pain and suffering!i was caned, strapped, flogged, single-tailed, and bullwhipped. Clipped, clamped, plugged and electrified, and in addition to being Her ashtray, i was burned with Her cigarettes. She is definitely the sexiest smoker i've ever met, and i couldn't thank Her enough each time She ashed in my mouth or blew Her smoke in my face.

Absolutely the best "first session" i've ever had... in over 25yrs of serving Dominant Women both personally and professionally! She is like crack... only takes once to become addicted!Lastly, pre and post session, she is a very genuine, down to earth and friendly Woman.

Gatineau just became "around the corner" from Toronto :)




Aug 3 2012

Hi Goddess Hellfire,

I found myself having a difficult time articulating how amazing your are and how perfect my experience was.  I cannot wait to meet you again!  Thank you for everything!  You are an amazing woman, and I cannot stop thinking about you!

What can you say about Goddess Hellfire, or a session with her?  Well Firstly, she is absolutely stunning in person.  Her beauty is beyond description.  Amazingly fit and tight body, generous curves, captivating eyes, and luscious kissable lips.  Her appearance is captivating and disarming…it is easy to want to surrender yourself to her every whim and will!  And she will make you!  Her attitude is perfectly balanced between caring and sweet and evil and sadistic, which she alternates between, which keeps your mind and body guessing and craving!  She can smile and look you in the eyes with sweet innocent and caring eyes, and at that very same moment inflict a pain and surrender that is indescribable. That paradoxical balance makes the interaction a once in a lifetime experience. 

Goddess Hellfire has an incredible intuitive ability to read your thoughts and desires, and make them happen…all the while enjoying and getting off on it (making your desires and wishes turn into hers…so be careful what you wish for).  This woman is a true gift to anyone wishing to explore their deepest darkest secrets in a secure and supportive environment…and yet, paradoxically pushing your every limit!  I cannot wait for our next encounter!  She will make your give yourself to her, body mind and soul.  And you will beg for more, no matter how much it hurts!  And it hurts…so good!  A visit with Goddess Hellfire is a life-changing experience.


Have a great weekend

Mr K. aka Your chewtoy


July 28 2012

REVIEW of Goddess Hellfire

Last night I saw Goddess Hellfire for the first time. Lets cut to the chase. The experience was fantastic and very affirming. First a little background. I have always known I enjoyed being submissive to woman and controlled (though perhaps stereotypically in my other life I have usually found myself in leadership positions). Many years ago I saw a couple of different mistresses but did not connect with them and ultimately found the experience unsatisfying and made me question whether I really could ever convert the things I fantasized about into reality. Goddess Hellfire taught me that I can.

I contacted her through her well laid out web page and filled in the questionaire. I tried to be fairly detailed about my interests and experience so she could judge whether I might be a suitable object of her attentions. She replied to me promptly the next day and we proceeded to make arrangements for the session. This included Goddess Hellfire making further inquiries about my interests. She then gave me a series of instructions to be followed in order to arrive at the session.

As you will have seen from the photographs on her site, Goddess Hellfire is ravishingly beautiful. The pictures accurately reflect her looks. I was very anxious and nervous not having seen anyone for a long time. Goddess Hellfire was at the same time, charming, disarming, and firmly in control. She put me at ease and then proceeded to dominate and control me in all the ways I had imagined and then some. She introduced me to things I had never tried (electricity for instance).

Her play space is inviting and warm. I thought that she was quite well equiped. My session included bondage with restraints and ropes (where did she learn to tie those knots?), CBT and NT (including the use of electrics), some foot worship, anal trainging done thoughtfully given my inexperience, having a gag with toilet brush attached to me and then put to work. We concluded with a couple of things I had specifically requisted which were humiliating and a huge turn on.

At all times Goddess Hellfire was very professional and clearly had high standards of cleanliness and safety. She talked to me abou my limits before the session and then pushed them just enough to make the session very memorable.

On balance this was a fantastic session. I do not have any complaints or negatives to report. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to see Goddess Hellfire. If you have been to someone else in the past and were disappointed I believe you should see Goddess Hellfire before you give up on making your fantasies a reality.


your slave



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