Slave's Corner

September 7, 2013

Being a rookie foot slave, I looked forward to my session with the gorgeous Mistress Hellfire. I love to worship the shoes and feet of a beautiful, dominant Woman as She towers over me. I did expect to be used and abused as a stool, spittoon and trampled. I was also curious about ball busting! Well... I got what I asked for and more!  

Mesmerized by Her beauty, I was taken for an amazing ride with twists and curves added dramatically by Mistress Hellfire. I remember the excruciating moment She stepped on my balls with full weight, mostly due to the rope tied around my flattened balls. When I looked up on the towering beauty for sympathy, I realized how insignificant and pathetic I had become. Reduced to shoe cleaner she had several pairs which I cleaned as She berated me encouragingly. Humiliation at its finest!

I could feel that Mistress was withholding her more sadistic demons so not to overload her newest little foot bitch, who enjoys the softer side of domination. From experience I can say, without a doubt that Mistress Hellfire would be a "dream come true" for any foot savouring slave!
Thank You Mistress,
Your adoring footboy


June 19, 2013

The Goddess and Her pig

Before seeing Goddess Hellfire I had very limited experience in realtime. That being said I was an old veteran in terms of online experience which spanned hundreds of hours easily. Part of the reason I had so little experience was that I was very picky in terms of who I wished to serve, particularly in the department of looks. So I can’t lie when I say that the main reason I contacted Goddess initially was almost solely due to Her beautiful pictures.

For those of you who are wondering if Goddess is using old pictures… She isn’t… and for those of you wondering if they are photoshopped… they aren’t. When I stepped into Her realm the other night it was clear She was just as beautiful if not more so in real life. However what was more impressive was Her confidence and how smoothly the session progressed. I never got the sense that She was a “clock watcher”. From the moment the session started I was completely focused on the moment. I didn’t worry about holding back or my safety as I put my full trust in Goddess. She did an amazing job of pushing my limits and had a perfect sense of how far She could take me even though we had just met. By the end of the session She had baptised me, turned me on beyond belief to where I was dripping cum, and I would have literally done anything for Her.

The level of comfort I felt with Her was simply amazing. She created a great environment to live out my fantasies and I hope to have the privilege to go even further in the future. As someone who is extremely critical of the industry (hey I like getting value for my money!) I cannot say enough about Her. Its so rare to find someone so beautiful, intelligent, and down to earth, but can still play the role of a Bitch Goddess perfectly.



May 4, 2013

my time with Goddess Hellfire,

Having submitted to Goddess Hellfire twice now, I can say with certainty that I am now Her submissive little bitch, and Hers alone.  I will serve Her for as long as She wishes to keep me, which I hope is a very long time.

My first meeting with the Goddess was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I have been with Dommes before, but never anyone like Her.  The way She took control of me, humiliated me, and fucked me like the sissy bitch I longed to be. . . it was one of the most exciting experiences I've ever had.  And Her looks?  She is more beautiful than I could have hoped.  She is young, slim, and breathtaking.  In all my experiences with Dommes, I have never found one who could match Her looks, or match Her domination skills.  To find such skill and such beauty, both in the same Goddess, is a marvel I feel blessed to have known.

Having just finished my second experience with the Goddess, I can honestly say it was even better than the first.

I began the session on my knees, like a good little sissy, and the Goddess instructed me to get dressed in the outfit She had picked out for me.  A combination of restraints so She could tie me down to have her way with me, and a nice little sissy costume for her amusement.

It wasn't long before the Goddess was beating me and berating me, but that was just the beginning.  Before long, She had me sucking on Her big cock, getting it nice and wet so She could fuck me with it.  The Goddess kept telling me what a sissy little faggot I was.  She told me She knew I'd enjoy sucking a real man's cock for  Her pleasure, that I would do anything She wanted me to, like the good cock sucker I am.  I felt so humiliated and also so turned on, knowing the Goddess was right.  I am a sissy little cum bucket, and I would do anything for Her.

After getting Her nice and ready, it was time for the main event.  Goddess Hellfire bent me over a wooden horse, tied me down, and then slid Her fat cock up my boy pussy.  She then proceeded to fuck me like I've never been fucked before.  She fucked me the way I always fantasized about being fucked, and the way I wish I could fuck, if I wasn't such a little pussy.  She wasn't gentle either.  The Goddess made it clear to me that my ass was there for Her pleasure, not mine, as She fucked me long and hard.   The whole time the Goddess was telling me what a good little sissy faggot I was, a cock sucking cum dumpster.  Between Her steady pounding of my ass and the constant verbal humiliation I was in a state of total sexual ecstasy.  The pain/pleasure in my ass, coupled with the words of the Goddess, are a joy I want to experience again, and again, and again.

When the Goddess was finished using my ass, She decided that She would be extremely generous, and allow me, unworthy though I was, the chance to cum.  My orgasm however, the Goddess explained, would be allowed only in a manner that She felt appropriate, to enhance my humiliation, and cement my position as Her submissive plaything.  I would be allowed to cum, but only like the cum eating sissy that I am.  I would have to cum in my own mouth, and eat every drop of it.  The Goddess positioned me so that as I came, my cock would spray all over my own face, and into my mouth.  Just as I was about to cum the Goddess gave me an extra treat.  Into my open mouth She poured another man's cum.  She had been saving it up, from one of Her bulls She told me, to reward a sissy little slut like me.  With this cum still in my mouth, and the Goddess's words in my ears, my own orgasm hit me, and I sprayed a load that had been building for days all over my face and into my waiting mouth.  This was much to the delight of the Goddess, who told me to swallow it all down like a good little cock sucker.  I did as I was told, taking all the cum, whether mine or someone else's right down my slutty throat.  I then collapsed, totally spent, exhausted, humiliated, and delighted.

Goddess Hellfire has introduced me to pleasures I never thought I would know, and She has shown me what my true roll is:  serving Her as a sissy little slut.

My last two experiences with Her have been the most humiliating, and also the most erotic experiences of my life.  I can't wait until I see Her again.

Thank You, oh thank You Goddess,

Your submissive little cum eating sissy, jim.


Feb 9, 2013

Dear Goddess Hellfire

I wanted to sincerely thank You for our session on Friday.

The time with You was exquisite and more than i ever could have dreamt of. Your beauty is breathtaking and your pictures don't do You justice at all. Your technique was incredible and left no doubt about who was in complete control of my sissy ass the whole time. So beautiful and yet so dominant, the way You took control of me and used my sissy ass with Your cock.

i have never experienced anything like that before, i would never have imagined how anyone could make me want to be so degraded and so humiliated . You are a True Goddess without a doubt! The only thing that i was wanting at the end was another session of which i so eagerly await.

Thank You Goddess for the privilege of being allowed to serve You.

Yours submissively,

cuck bitch

Jan 26, 2013

my first visit with Mistress Hellfire:

i had no verbal contact with Mistress Hellfire before our session. email and text only though i've gone 3 days without orgasm in the past, it's a completely different thing when you're forbidden from releasing as was the case 72 hours before my session with Mistress Hellfire. The faintest stimulation now made me incredibly uncomfortable.

Upon arrival i was made to strip and crawl over to Mistress. it was a relief we did not need to go over the cliched safe-word orientation. i could tell this session would be different. Within the first 5 minutes Mistress showed me a candy-cane the size of a baton and told me She'd have it up my ass then have me sucking on it before the night was out.

i will not go into detail about all that Mistress put me through suffice to say She is truly a delight and knows what to do with a pervert like me. Little about our session followed the choreographed routine most dominatrixes seem to follow; and this was the first time in while i was led and didn't know what Mistress would do next. I left the session walking funny and a little ashamed. Mistress truly pushed my limits. She spit in my mouth; made me drink her bull's cum; commented on my sex with my wife while She hate-fucked me with a strap-on; and seemed to laugh sincerely and take pleasure in how much She'd lowered and humiliated me.

i have since asked The Mistress to accept me again for another session.


Your humiliation piglet

Jan 16, 2013

An ode to my one and only, truly Magnificent Mistress,

As I approached my scheduled time of submission, with nervous and excited anticipation of what laid beyond that door, thoughts raced through my mind. Will Mistress accept me? Will I please Her? Will She find ways to use me, as Her slutty whore, for Her pleasure and gain when so desired or commanded? Will I be able to handle what creative and intense activities She had planned for this first session? Yes questions arose, but I was eager to push beyond these thoughts, stretch my limits and submit myself completely to Her will.

I entered and fell to my knees. I was immediately entranced by Her beauty and humbled to be allowed an audience with such a ravishing Mistress. I was inspected and knowing acceptance was not a given, bowed my head in an act of submission. As the collar was tightened and locked, my will was now Hers to command and all control was lost. A brief discussion ensued around what my role as Her slutty whore would entail. Her intelligence and knowledge drew me in even further; drew me into a frame of mind of not total submission, but absolute devotion. I was hence without question, without fail devoted to Her desires, to Her plans for me, to being Her slut in complete servitude, to pleasing my Mistress beyond my limits.

The session unfolded and my body became a wanting and willing vessel for Mistress’s use and enjoyment. My various body parts were pushed to new heights, as She probed my pain threshold. My slutty mouth and ass were used without restraint without hesitation; after all I was and am Mistress’s slutty whore. She enjoyed reminding me of my position, as She had me deep throat Her luscious cock and then repeatedly worked and stretched my ass, now Her ass, with various instruments and without mercy.

My body was entwined in Her web and there was no desire to escape, no reason for resistance, but just more drive and eagerness to please and to submit to this incredible Mistress. With my slutty holes used, my nipples tweaked, my body and cock electrified it was time for yet another step in complete submission. I truly felt like Her bitch whore and knew my place was at Her feet and below Her. I was at that moment literally below my Mistress and ready to receive whatever She felt like giving me. With my eyes closed She once again filled my mouth, not with cock, but with a fountain of Her sweet nectar. It was more enjoyable then a glass of fine wine. Mistress commended me on what an eager slut I had been and to end the night I once again had to show my devotion and my complete submission to Her, the task may have been the hardest to complete. With the intensity and mesmerizing journey Mistress had just taken me on I was not allowed personal relief. A fitting reward for such a dirty slutty whore, was the response.

What the future will hold I can not foretell, but I am Mistress’s willing and eager slutty whore. Willing to explore the limits and move on to bigger and more intense items and pathways that Mistress chooses to take me on. An interesting journey it will be.

Thank you yet again Mistress for the acceptance and I will follow the path you set out for me when I am in your presence as Your slutty whore.

Yours in servitude,
andy aka allison.


Jan 3, 2013

Goddess Hellfire and i go back since August 2009. She was incredibly beautiful back then and still is. She is kind & generous by nature and a True Goddess of female Supremacy.

Her heart is as big as the universe and She gave me Paradise for my 48th birthday.

A week before “B” day, i knew that Mistress Drea would be with Goddess Hellfire. Mistress Drea ,who i have never met greeted me at the door. Good lord! She was so beautiful in Her pencil skirt, white pantyhose and black high heels. She had the looks of the Women at the office that you spend the whole day thinking about ! Goddess was not yet in the room while I was getting acquainted with Mistress Drea. Then Goddess Hellfire called out my name “tinyyyyy” I love when She calls out my name like that, shivers run through my body. Then She came into the room, Wow!! She looked gorgeous with Her beautiful black hair falling over Her shoulders, nice red lipstick with a beautiful top and a killer tight skirt with girdle. She was wearing a pair of ultra-sheer black stockings to die for, not stay ups , of course.

So She instantly ordered me on all fours to kiss Her stocking feet, Her natural foot scent was like a drug completely enslaving me to honoring Her feet, She commanded me to strip naked right there in front of both Beautiful Goddess’s. It was soooo humiliating to be there on my knees in my slave position in front of Goddess Hellfire and Mistress Drea now sitting and staring at me naked. This is what domination is all about , I was floored by what was happening to me and with the realization that I had no control over it.

While They we’re staring at me, I was ordered to put on a collar & wrist and ankle cuffs. Goddess then tied up my balls & cock and attached them tight to my collar. By this time, I have to say that I’m going in and out of subspace and ready to do anything for these two Beautiful Queens. Goddess Hellfire commanded me to lick Mistress Drea’s shoes that were dirty from coming back from work (Goddess Hellfire knows that I freak out with dirty shoes & feet). While working on Her shoes, They were chit-chating about Drea’s trip to Jamaica as if I wasn’t even there. That is the extreme treat for a slave, to be on his knees worshipping their feet while They are drinking wine and having fun, can you ask for more? After cleaning Mistress Drea’s dirty shoes inside and out, Goddess Hellfire had put two leashes on me, one for Her & one for Mistress Drea. Then I had the great privilege to put Goddess Hellfire’s new shoes on Her feet!! For those who have a shoe fetish, take an appointment right now. I was allowed to worship them, licking the soles and gagging on the heels. I wanted that moment to last forever ! This was more than I had hoped for even in my dreams.

I was then ordered to lay down on my back as a floor mat and then They started a spitting contest, like who would be on target!! They we’re very good and always on target, target being my mouth. I love my Goddess saliva, I could drink a whole glass of Her spit. Then Mistress Drea covered my eyes still in position as a carpet while Goddess was preparing something. Mistress Drea always reacted while Goddess was preparing for something new to do of me but was careful to never ruin the surprise. Then suddenly, I felt an electric shock on me while feeling her feet all over me but yes it was electrical shock from Their feet ! I wanted to suffer for my Goddess and Her beauty no matter how much She decide to dish out. Then, without really stopping, Mistress Drea had tied me to the suspender bar and stretched me out. Then Goddess Hellfire asked Mistress Drea to start flogging me while Goddess Hellfire was giving Her some tips. It felt so great and finally Goddess Hellfire jumped in with Her new set of double floggers. You have not been flogged until this happens!!

They had to stop because They both needed to go washroom has they have been drinking for the last 2 hours. I didn’t know if They we’re to leave me there on the suspender bar and come back. Then finally Goddess got me off and told me to hurry up has they needed a toilet to piss in!!!!! Know guy’s get your brain together, can you imagine that I got to become Goddess Hellfire’s and Mistress Drea’s toilet!!!! Yes! Yes! I did good there was close to no spilling on the floor, Well I should say that Goddess Hellfire was good because She was peeing directly in my mouth. She would stop when my mouth was full then I got to gargle it, then swallow, Yummmmm,Yummmm Her pee is so good that if possible I would be at her door each morning to collect my daily ration. Then it was Mistress Drea turn and She was also full of pee but She was not quite as precise so I got some in the face has I was trying to get it all. Goddess came back and gave me more. Toilet tiny was full!!

After I was up cleaning Their pee, I was ordered back on my knees. While on my knees, Goddess was preparing for my birthday cake, well I taught so? I Wasn’t so sure because looking at Mistress Drea’s reaction ,(like Oh my God!) then I started to think that perhaps my Goddess had prepared me some of Her poop as a cake. So I can only tell everyone reading this that the hamster in my head was turning quite fast!!! But at the same time, I was prepared for anything as I was in complete servitude mode. She came out of the kitchen with 3 cakes and the one with candles for Her slave. Wow! She is wonderful, No words exist in the dictionary to describe how great Goddess Hellfire is. So, on my knees hands tied in my back, these two Gorgeous Women had me eat my birthday cake off Their feet. I had the chance to make a wish before blowing the candles. My wish was to be Goddess Hellfire’s slave for eternity. The cheese cake was so very good but it was difficult to finish eating all the cake as I was really still full from being a human toilet!

my evening in paradise was full of rewards from My Goddess. As a finishing touch while still naked and on my knees in front of My Goddess & Mistress Drea, Goddess had commanded me to release on Their feet. Goddess had instructed me not to cum for the past week, so my balls were pretty full. I was ordered to cum on their feet overlapping on a stool in front of me. You know what came next :) Goddess Hellfire said: tinyyy, clean Our feet now!! Which I did with the intensity of a vacuum until all four feet were spotless.

Thank You Goddess Hellfire for this wonderful birthday and thank You to Mistress Drea!!

Slave tiny

Dec 19, 2012

Hello Mistress,

Thank you very much again for a wonderful session yesterday. I understand that this first session is not easy because I could not give you specific ideas, given my limited experience. I was totally amazed by your ability to help me discover myself, to push with the strictest tone and yet to be understanding of my level of (in)experience. Not to discount your stunning body and your exquisite costume but your creativity, your ability to perceive emotions and your sense of humour impressed me even more. You kept me on my tip toes, figuratively and literally, and yet you made me feel at ease, on some level. I could not have dreamed a better introduction. I could have dreamed a better me obeying your orders however. I hope that you were not too disappointed by my shortcomings.

The English translation of "salope" is indeed bitch, Mistress.

I hope that you will accept me for another session in the new year. I have to do some introspection to assimilate everything you taught me yesterday.

I wish you a very good night Mistress and a Merry Christmas.




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