Slave's Corner

Dec 12 2017

I have been fortunate enough to be dominated three times by this incredible Woman. Each time it gets better and more intense. I want to move past the platitude's that every review has. Yes this Women is gorgeous, yes She can take you to up to your limits and beyond. Yes Mistress Hellfire is a professional, who happens to be in this humble slaves opinion, the most beautiful Woman in the world. Not just words, its the truth. Behind Her incredible looks is a mind that is as sharp as a blade. Indeed, She is using Her intellect to turn me into a REAL SLAVE. I was spanked, whipped, caned, sounded, sodomized, humiliated, gaged, strung up, poked, probed and more.. throughout this, over my muffled screams, I could hear Her laughs, and She made it clear that my agony really excited Her. At this point i have no more resistance, i have completely surrendered. She is making me something new. I live only to serve Her. I live to serve my Queen.

Your loyal subject


Dec 6th 2017

Being able to serve You and and openly express my submissive feminine side is so liberating. Thank You for creating an environment where i can feel free to be the real me and for Your training, guidance and understanding. And thank You for being You, the absolute definition of beauty, intelligence and elegance. A true Goddess.

at Your feet


August 28 2017

Dearest Goddess

I really enjoyed the time I was under Your control. I can still feel the ropes binding me, the confines of Your coffin and that amazing tight wrap You put me in. It’s hard to describe the feelings I now have. Now that I’ve had a taste of relinquishing control and suffering for You

I know it’s only a matter of time till I’m helplessly drawn back to once again serve the truly Dominant Woman You are. The memories You created are trapped in my head and will continue to haunt me every day. I realize now that there’s much more to explore.

Submissively Yours,

Slave L

March 24 2017

Dear most Divine Goddess,

After about four years I still find it hard to even begin to describe the feelings I get while session with Goddess. I would say "euphoric" is a good start. I absolutely crave serving this most divine Goddess and I am sure she knows it and continues to push my limits to see what I would endure just to have the privilege of being in her presence. I often get a full body rush during our sessions that feel incredibly pleasing.

The weird thing is that I am absolutely terrified of Goddess, all the while feeling completely safe with her. It's quite a weird feeling knowing that I feel unthreatened with the person who enjoys inflicting pain on me but I know if I endure the rewards can be great. I really enjoy chastity and Goddess does a great job as my key holder. The constant reminder that she owns me causes me to crave serving her that much more.

I believe she enjoys denying me and laughs when she forces me to remain caged even longer. I love the feeling of frustration when I have just been push through an extremely painful session only to be told that I am to remain locked even longer. Goddess I cannot thank you enough for helping me explore my fantasies and I can only hope that you will continue to push my limits and delve deeper into my perverted mind.

Yours truly,

Your pathetic bootbitch

March 21 2017

Hello Goddess Hellfire,

You never fail to Amaze and Daze in your sessions. Thank you for the best medical role play EVER. I asked for a medical role play and the way you delivered it was amazing. When you opened the door and I stepped in, my eyes popped out and could not believe what I am seeing. You were wearing this nurse outfit that is so SEXY and were towering over me made me melt in my spot.

I was in front of the most beautiful nurse in the world and you were in control. I had to obey and listen to your instructions. The tease and denial was killing me at one point. I just wanted to touch you (too bad I was tied up :)) I took all the flogging and the whipping just to make my nurse happy so that I am allowed to worship her nylon legs and feet.

Thank you again for a fantastic session. I will think of you with this sexy uniform for a long time. Please post a photo of you wearing the nurse uniform.

At your feet,

Mr. black shoe

September 21 2016

Dear Goddess Hellfire

First of all, and again, thank you.  Secondly, again, you are beautiful.  Thirdly, amazing experience and I definitely want to do it again only MORE SO. Would like you to take total control.

Thanks again, and again, and again,


June 10 2016


The session we shared was really special... I think You know what worked... pretty much everything.. You have a great, intimate space, fun toys and a real sense of kinky play and envelope pushing.. I love that..

I loved being able to connect with You and really let go and dive into Your world. i loved the sensory deprivation and really especially worshiping Your beautiful latex clad body.

I am writing this and i still havent showered so  the sense of being covered in Your nectar is a pretty powerful feeling of submission.. I think my shirt smells a bit but it is Your scent and i love it!!!


Mar 7 2016


I just wanted to quickly reiterate my thanks for another great session. Quite enjoyed all the new things we tried; as always,You have a deft hand for introducing new elements in measured fashion. Looking forward to further adventure with you next time!  

Slave L

Feb 1st 2016

For my Goddess Hellfire,

i am a whore. A worthless slut. A piece of useless trash. i'm about as useful as a snow blower on a Miami beach... I am owned by GODDESS HELLFIRE. When i am with Her, as HER property, my life has meaning... SHE controls everything, my entire life. Recently my GODDESS went on vacation... i've spent the last few weeks like that snow blower on a Miami beach... Lots of desire but nothing to blow... i spend my evenings looking at tumblr porn, teasing myself and eating my own cum... i feel like the family dog waiting for his owner to come home... Laying around chewing on a bone... If only i could wear my collar and leash and lick my own balls...

GODDESS is demanding. In HER presence, i am a pion, a toy for HER amusement. GODDESS HELLFIRE is also very generous... And SHE can read you like a book. Intuitive is a word that is overused in the Dom world but it barely scratches the surface of GODDESS HELLFIRE's ability to understand your needs and incorporate your needs into HER pleasure.. Yes SHE does enjoy HER work! Doesn't matter what your kink is, SHE's been there, done that and will own you in a split second. Some people think they submit to a mistress... You won't have to with GODDESS HELLFIRE...

Any resistance you might think you have will melt away once you witness her amazing beauty and nimble twisted mind. SHE will own you, one way or another! HER incredible mind is best witnesses in HER small but extremely flexible studio. Not limited to a dungeon as so many others do, this space is centre stage for the scenes that lay dormant in the dark recesses of your brain but that GODDESS is able extract and put into action. i'm a visual person and HER wardrobe never disappoints... And SHE completes the vibe with some incredible "music to be fucked up" by...

your eternal slut

Dec 1, 2015

As a bdsm novice, i was very reluctant and nervous about meeting Goddess Hellfire. After several email exchanges, i got more and more comfortable with Her, and to my surprise i actually went through with it. She is the first professional Domme i have ever met with in person and most likely the last if She will take me back ;) i showed up on Her doorstep and immediately upon entering Her domain i knew i had encountered a true Goddess.

She looked stunning with a perfect figure and almost automatically i dropped to my knees in awe of Her. After offering my tribute and thanking Her for accepting me, She strapped a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. From then on, i felt completely under Her control. The session went very naturally and i felt completely comfortable following Her commands and submitting to Her wishes.

She definitely knew exactly what She was doing and put me through a series of training exercises suitable for a novice foot slut like myself. I would definitely recommend Her to any 'closet submissives' out there that are looking to get their feet wet and get a taste of true submission.

Thank You Goddess Hellfire for bringing a lifelong fantasy to life,


October 10, 2015

Dear Goddess and Deviant Demoness, Wow... You are something truly special, absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, the session was really great and i'm really glad i found my way to You, i think i'm still in some state of euphoria.

The way You took control from the start was just perfect, i was worried i wouldn't be able to verbally articulate my fantasies, which is probably why i put so much detail in what i sent You, electronically was easier for me to articulate my crazyness.

Your intuitiveness is impressive, the levels of everything were just right, my imagination was definitely more wicked than i would've been able to handle.

i would do it all over again. The cockbox was wow, amazing, ballbusting was perfect and the shower was, well, the best shower ever. i was expecting the taste to be really intense but it was alright, i was able to drink with more ease than expected and bigger quantity than my first session.

To sum it up, amazing, i need more of this in my life. if it wasn't for limitations imposed by geography, schedule and finances, i'd be visiting waaay more often. 

A huge thank You for having been so accommodating and understanding before, wicked deviant hot and amazing during, and kindly having allowed me to leave with an intoxicating present.
Please think of emailing me when You plan a visit to my area.

Your piggy johnny.

June 29, 2015

i've had the privilege of being Goddess Hellfire's slut and whore almost on a monthly basis over the last year. The first thing that strikes you when arriving at HER studio is that SHE is breathtakingly beautiful... The pictures on HER website do not do HER justice. i don't typically like to throw around a title like "Goddess" but i can tell you that Goddess Hellfire is the rare exception who lives up to that name. SHE is a classic beauty, but don't let HER outstanding looks fool you because they are dwarfed by HER exceptionally twisted mind... i love that mind and yes, at times i hate that mind... because SHE can read me like a book and intuitively change pace in a heartbeat... From incredibly hot to painfully cruel in a heartbeat... From making me feel like the most important slut in HER life to being a worthless man-whore skank ONLY worthy of being a receptacle for HER saliva and HER strap-on...

You will have noticed that i refer to HER "studio" and not HER dungeon...
In my experience dungeons are very limiting... Goddess Hellfire's studio is small but equally well equipped and the surroundings make it more conducive for spontaneous creativity to emerge. SHE is not confined to mundane stereotypical dungeon scenarios. This is the place of fantasies, as dark as you want them. The atmosphere is greatly enhanced by the music... Fucking music for a fucking slut like myself... Like a Hollywood studio, anything can and will happen here.

Goddess Hellfire is exceptionally skilled at sensing your needs, pacing your session and manipulating your kink to maximize the session for both your enjoyment... That's the other thing, HER enjoyment of a session is noticeable and contagious. During the year that i have served as HER slut, i have been pleasantly surprised at every session by being totally consumed by her control over me as well as with her enjoyment of our session. We typically exchange e-mail in advance of a session so that SHE understands my needs. SHE always manages to put a surprise twist on my desires/kink that surprise, thrill and succeed beyond one's imagination. Goddess is experienced and intuitive but also understands the situation and works within our agreed upon limits (it's easy, i have no limits!) HER total control over me is amazing!

Thank YOU Goddess for making me the true slut that i am and YOUR personal property!

Owned and Controlled by Goddess Hellfire

May 29, 2015

Good Morning Mistress,

I just wanted to thank you for what I found to be an outstanding session the other day. I immensely enjoyed the way you took charge right off the bat, and quite enjoyed (in a fashion) the way you explored and pushed my boundaries in a few different directions. In particular, I appreciated the concept of restraints and how they were applied to me, to say nothing of the sincere enjoyment you seemed to take at my predicament(s). The way you took me at the end was certainly both fitting and memorable! All in all it was a positive experience, and I hope to have the privilege to submit again.


P.S. This is pretty tangential, but I was also quite into the song playlist throughout the session when I did have some attention to spare to it.

March 16, 2015

Mistress Hellfire is truly a beautiful Goddess. i was forced to wear my CB6000 two days before arriving at Her dungeon. She had me wearing pink panties when i showed up.
Upon arrival i was to strip an expose myself for inspection, She had me on all fours and collared me with a black collar that had my name on it, "BiTCH", i was put on a leash, kissed Her beautiful feet and led down the hallway to the bathroom wHere She gave me an enema, i was told i needed to be cleaned out for what was to happen next.

i was made to put my pink panties on along with hot pink stockings and a pretty lace top. She led me to Her examination room and shoved a large vibrating inflatable butt plug into what She referred to as Her vagina, i thanked Her and kissed Her feet like the pathetic little sissy slut that i have been reduced to. She made me suck Her big black cock and told me if i do a really good job She will fuck my ass with it long and hard.

After giving Her my very first and humiliating blow job, i was tied to Her cross wHere She landed 15 very hard blows to what She calls "Her Ass" and i was made to count each and every whack and thank Her, after 7 or 8 the pain was excruciating but with the thought of being released from my cock cage the torture continued. i was then led down the hallway and placed on Her exam table with my cunt exposed like a little whore and She fucked me long and hard and made me watch in the mirror like the little slut that i have been reduced to.
After getting fucked She led me to the bathroom and gagged me and put a toilet brush attachment on and made me clean Her toilet. Once the gag was removed She lit a smoke, made me stick out my tongue so She could discard he aShes and spit in my mouth. The worst of my torture was yet to come, the session had ended and low and behold my cock (now Her property) is still in chastity, i was told i must leave the CB6000 on until Friday at midnight, six days of pure hell. Today is only Thursday and "Her" balls feel like they are going to explode, i have spent many sleepless nights waiting to be released so i can once again touch what She calls Her pathetic little cock. i miss it so much, even just to touch it when i pee will be nice.

Thank you very much for the exciting day at your dungeon and the long week that followed and has not yet ended.

Hopefully i can return soon to be used and abused at Your pleasure.

pathetic sissy slut

March 31, 2014

i left Goddess Hellfire's dungeon with a sense of euphoria that lasted for hours after the session. It was one of the best experiences of my life. This was my first session with Her, and only my second overall. i let Her know that i was inexperienced and asked Her to decide how things would play out. Trusting Her to take charge was a very wise decision, as She immediately had me on my hands and knees, worshipping Her beautiful feet. From there, i was placed into my stockade and had my balls tied to my collar, which gave me an incredible sense of pressure and restricted my breathing a little bit. Two birds with one stone! Unable to move, She teased me with Her feet, a pinwheel, a violet wand, and an inflatable, vibrating plug. i was spanked, slapped and had my balls squeezed. The best part was when She instructed me to stay still, but i couldn't help but squirm.

Once let out of the stockade, i was put on my back, hands tied, and my cock was wrapped with an ErosTek device, from which wonderful shocks were emitted. Depending on the state of my cock, the shocks ranged from mild to severe, but the more severe they got the more pleasurable it was. As my cock was being shocked, Goddess Hellfire sat on my chest and made me worship Her feet. Being made to suck Her toes while restrained and being tortured was one of the most stimulating experiences of my life.

Throughout the session, She maintained total control and i always felt completely submissive. She has keen instincts and is both intelligent and stunningly gorgeous. i was aroused the entire time and enjoyed every second of serving Her. Needless to say, i am already looking forward to our next session and i highly recommend Her to subs of all levels of experience. Thank You, Mistress, for a fantastic time!

- slave steve

November 22, 2013

Where do I start?  Oh, that I've never seen a better Domme?  Seems like a great place to start.  I have seen dozens of Dommes all over North America and Goddess Hellfire is up there with the absolute best of them.

Her website?  Inspiring to the point of wanting to... well, you know. E-mail contact? Great, even though she's busy.  I was called names in the e-mails and this egged me on even more.  To log in to my e-mail and see one that begins: "Oh, hi loser" made me weak in the knees before I even met her.

Her place?   Nice location, very private, a mix of apartment and dungeon.  There are lots of toys with many surprises hidden from view.

Her?  Well, she's incredible, simple as that.  She is very pretty,  mean,  fun and very, energetic.  Her body is absolutely gorgeous.  Just WOW!  When She met me wearing a tight short black skirt and top, with long legs ending in strappy high heels I was amazed.  What a gorgeous Woman.  I had no trouble stripping and kneeling in front of her and she had been kind enough (probably the only act of kindness the whole time LOL) to have left knee pads for me knowing I have bad knees.

I had asked her indulgence for punishment and humiliation and did I ever get a healthy dose of each.  She used a few things from the e-mails I had sent her and lots of deviousness of Her own.  I was made to crawl to her carrying my gift in my mouth.  I arrived to a smiling Woman looking down and me showing me the collar she had picked out.  "BITCH" it said on it.  "Awwww", she says "look at this. I even have one with your name on it.  Around my neck it goes and already I am feeling under her spell, a hard slap to the face only augments the feeling.  My balls and cock are put in a harness with a leash attached.  My hands are taped with duct tape with pictures of pigs on it.    "Come on pig" She says and I am guided by the leash to Her sofa where She sits and allows me the privilege or worshipping her feet.   She then made me stop and backed me up to tie my balls to a metal pole just behind.  I am commanded to kneel and kiss her feet again but she stands just out of reach.  Laughing, she inches closer “come on piggy, just touch them with your nose". My balls are pulled painfully tight as I can JUST touch them with my nose. This was my first session with her. "Do you honestly think an hour is enough to earn a release???" she asks me (or something along those lines).  I agree with her that it's probably not.  She informs me, with delight in her sexy voice, that I will instead be cleaning her toilet and functioning as her ashtray for the rest of the session.

Again, another dismissive "come on pig" and I am taken by the balls in to her little bathroom.  She has that multipurpose humiliator gag that I've seen in many videos, and yes with the toilet brush attachment, of course.  It is attached and I am belittled as I do an initially very poor job.  I focus and get better. She is leisurely smoking a cigarette as I do it, knowing full well I will be helping to dispose of it.  My cock hardens from the incredible state of ridiculousness that this scene is at the moment and you know what? I didn't want it to end.  Once I'd done enough work, the gag comes off and I'm ordered to lick the ashes off the floor that had fallen while I was cleaning. The rest is then tapped in to my mouth to swallow, followed by some spit from her mouth to wash it down with.

I feel beaten, sore, confused, humiliated yet delighted as she lets me go.  One hour with this woman was not nearly enough. I could serve her happily all day. She has that absolutely fantastic personality that I like so much - that amazing combination of mean, sincere uppityness but so fun and energetic at the same time.  I long to go back as much as I can. I am Hers whenever she will have me.  You couldn't ask for a better Domme than Goddess Hellfire.

Your little pig



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