Sessions and My Calendar

I take pride and have full confidence in My intuitive ability to read a slave’s subtle tells. I practice the universal motto of safe, sane and consensual. I expect the same level of responsibility from you. Any requests for any sexual intimacy with Me will be treated as a complete lack of respect and as an indication to Me that you wish to terminate the current and all future sessions immediately.


In play, I’m open minded and balanced in My approach, putting time and energy into creating a mutually enjoyable experience. My style varies with the individual, as I enjoy many facets of the kinky arts and the pleasures that abound, balanced between the slave’s needs and My desires. Much is possible within the limits of play, However, never forget that I am the Mistress and you are in My domain! I may push your limits but I'll always respect you in the sense of the word and expect the same consideration at all times from you. The sessions are designed around the interests discussed, so be honest when revealing your perversions as nothing is too mundane or shocking. I receive some of the most unique emails you can imagine daily.

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Deposits are now required FOR ALL LIVE BOOKINGS
Live Session Rates:

1 hour - $300 (Deposit $50) - To the point, in and out
1.5 hour - $350 (Deposit $100) - Highly recommended
3 hours - $750 (Deposit $100) - Extended session

*** Female/male subs can join in on the fun
*** Extended and overnight sessions are available
*** Multiple Mistresses can take part in the beatdown!
These additional treats require minimum 72hr notice. Contact for details

Do you live too far to personally experience My magnificence?

Look for Me on Nite Flirt "Goddess Hellfire" . Live phone or Web Cam.