My Pleasures

As My servant, the ONLY purpose in your otherwise meaningless life is to please ME. Your greatest sexual desire is to be used to fulfill MY desires and play out MY fantasies. My pleasure is priority, your needs are insignificant. There is no other sound more beautiful than your Goddess's laughter and moans while watching you suffer for Her arousal.

And now I bet you are on your knees begging to know what turns Me on, aren't you My little slut?

I love fucking my slaves! Nothing can bond us more intimately than a long night of hot sex, cumming over and over until you're begging Me to stop. Mmm, wouldn't you like that? Aren't you craving to feel the warmth of this Goddess as Her body presses firmly against yours? Aren't you panting like a starving puppy, as I

... put My rock hard Hellfire COCK in your tight slutty asshole?

HAHA! Did you really think you'd get to fuck ME? Dream on LOSER! I love fucking my slaves with My STRAP-ON that is. For those anal slut veterans, I will toss your ass around and ravage you like a rag doll using sizes fit for a porn star. The only thing that gets Me off more than degrading a slave from behind, is if that slave is a virgin. Oh does Goddess ever love Her collection of V-cards! Don't worry, I'll be gentle, I'll train you with cocks the size of my fingers until you can take 8, 9, and even 12 inches! When you prove yourself as a slutty suck and tight fuck, I might just brand those red cheeks and pimp you out to My bulls.

That's right cuckolds, Goddess has bulls. Would you expect otherwise? I am a hot bitch, and I need to be satisfied. Don't get tight in your sissy panties and wet them with your pre cum because only a REAL MAN with a monster cock can serve that role. My pussy is exclusive, and you're excluded! Let Me emphasize: NO INTIMATE PUSSY WORSHIP OR INTERCOURSE! If you're a wanking, time-wasting loser who thought otherwise even for a moment, then you need to find yourself a hooker and have her cut your worthless dicklet off!

But wipe those tears little cuck =)! Just because you will never in your pathetic life get to taste or feel my pussy, it does not mean you cannot be part of my scandalous sex life. If you prove your worth through service and tribute, you might earn the rare opportunity to kneel before my bed, tied up and locked in chastity while learning what it means to be a MAN. Your pin dick will throb in its cage as you stare into My eyes and hear Me tease and berate you. And if you can last 3, 4, or even 5 orgasms, without breaking down and crying in your corner over what a LOSER you are,, I might just give you the PRIVILEGE of cleaning it up!

Your cock belongs to Me and I will do with it as I please. Unfortunately for you, CBT pleases me a lot. I can take your pathetic excuse for manhood to any level of pain and agony. Hearing you beg and cry will make Me giggle like a high school mean girl. Hearing Me giggle will make it worth each moment. I will fuck you deep in your shaft and turn your clit dick into a pussy. At the end of it all, you will NOT be allowed to cum. If by some miracle you manage to stay hard, I will drown it in ice water and lock it back up in chastity. You might not cum for days, weeks, months, or EVER. You will look at the keys dangle from my necklace and wonder if today is the day. Can you even call yourself a man? You have no control or ownership of your cock. You're forced to watch your Goddess fuck. The only time you get to fuck is when you bend over and take it like the bitch you are.

Embrace your life as My slave, and worship Goddess Hellfire!

Now that you know all about how to please Me, you're probably fucking your hand so furiously you're losing brain cells. So let me make something clear, what you have read are just SOME of my favorite play date activities that I feel deserve special emphasis. The list of things I can do to you is endless. But I've made one anyways just for those dumb fucks that lack imagination. If your brain is not the size of your dicklet, then get down on your knees and offer your fantasies to Me for My consideration. I love knowing what wets your panties, but don't you dare think I will always entertain them ;)!


Play Date Activities